Saturday, December 22, 2007

Deskasana: Pushup

Join me in doing pushups at your desk to increase your energy and strengthen your arms!

Deskasana: Pushups

Deskasana: Shoulders and Neck I

Join me to learn how you can release the tension in your neck and shoulders after sitting too long at your computer.

Deskasana: Shoulders and Neck I

Yoga at Work

Join me for my new series of Yoga at Work. Learn to do a brief yoga practice as you sit in meetings or at your desk. I developed these podcasts to share my own Yoga at Work practice with you.

For the first podcast, I will lead you through a hip stretching "meetingasana" that you can do anytime and others will not even know you are practicing yoga during your meeting!

Meetingasana: Hip Stretch