Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring is Here??!!

Here is the view from our balcony in Boulder this morning (April 5th). I was hoping for flowers but I will settle for the beautiful blue sky, highlighted by the white snow.

Yoga's Reach (poem by Danna Faulds)

I recently read this yoga poem by Danna Faulds from her book, From Root to Bloom, Yoga Poems and Other Writings, and it expressed the way I feel. Sometimes we just need to become quiet and let yoga enter into all of our "nooks and crannies".

Yoga's Reach

It is a wonder
how a simple stretch
deepens breath,
and an elegantly held pose
grows to touch the
whole of me.

Like sugar stirred into tea,
the potency
of yoga spreads
from body into mind
and heart, revealing
an ocean of energy
that heals and opens,

holds me close
and sets me free
all in the same moment.