Saturday, December 22, 2007

Yoga at Work

Join me for my new series of Yoga at Work. Learn to do a brief yoga practice as you sit in meetings or at your desk. I developed these podcasts to share my own Yoga at Work practice with you.

For the first podcast, I will lead you through a hip stretching "meetingasana" that you can do anytime and others will not even know you are practicing yoga during your meeting!

Meetingasana: Hip Stretch


Marya said...

Love it Beth! Great blog!
I forget about that hip stretch but would be good for me even when I'm not in meetings (or parties!)

Yoga Mama said...

I'm also a corporate yogini and love the concept of your blog. I'm going to try out your podcast tomorrow at work. Thank you!

tiajones said...

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Joselyn said...

Hi Beth,
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Colin said...

I wish more companies would do this. I have started a lunchtime yoga class cause I know if I don't then am just going to get more hunched up over my computer :(

My yoga teacher did give me some chair yoga to do, but I wasn't too keen on taking a yoga block to work and sitting in meetings with it between my legs...I get enough weird looks when I have my yoga mat with me.

Thanks for a great blog though,