Monday, September 8, 2008

Flowers Bring Me Joy

I took this picture of tulips at the Pike Place market in Seattle. When I see one tulip, it brings me joy but to see so many beautiful tulips in one place--I was very joyful! I was recently asked the question, "What brings you joy?' I responded that "I feel joy when I feel that all is right with the world." When I see beauriful flowers, I get that feeling. What brings you joy? Can you bring that experience into your life today? Namasté.


Karen said...

Tulips bring me joy too! They were the main flowers at my wedding. I always plant the bulbs in the fall to ensure I have them in my yard in the spring. What else brings me joy? GOOD FOOD!

Laura said...

I love tulips too! What brings me joy...fresh air, laughing children, birthdays, and hugs! I will get them all this week!

JoeyB said...

Corp. Yogini - I see you are here in Seattle. Do you go to the Ashram in Kirkland.

Anonymous said...

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